Frequently Asked Questions

Which module do I need to manage my shipping fees?

The Advanced Shipping module works with a free base on which are plugged additional add-ons.

Start by installing the free module Advanced Shipping for Magento 1 or Advanced Shipping for Magento 2.

✓   I want all additional functionalities

Advanced Shipping Pro for Magento 2 includes all the plugins for Advanced Shipping.

✓   I use a third party module to manage my shipping fees (for example, a delivery module in pickup point)

If you want to change the price or availability of shipping methods generated by a third party module, certainly you will be interested in Universal Setting Add-on for Magento 1 or Universal Setting Add-on for Magento 2.

✓   I do not know much about the configuration syntax

Certainly you will be interested in Functions Add-on for Magento 2.

✓   I want to offer delivery by several carriers

Certainly you will be interested in Unlimited Carriers Add-on for Magento 1 or Unlimited Carriers Add-on for Magento 2.

✓   I don’t need any of these functionalities

Just install Advanced Shipping, it’s free.

Which domain name should I fill when ordering a module?

You must enter the domain name on which the module will be used in production.

How to download the module I purchased?

The modules you purchase are available in your customer account on Owebia Store (My Firstname Lastname > My Account > My Downloadable Products).

How to install the module I purchased?

Each module you purchase comes with a README.md file at the root of the module’s .tar.gz archive.

This README.md file contains all the installation instructions.

Can I install the module I purchased with composer?

Our modules for Magento 2 are installed using composer.

Example of installing a module:

composer config repositories.owebia composer https://repo.owebia.com/

# Use your login details available in your customer account on Owebia Store
composer require owebia/magento2-module-adv-ship-functions-addon:^1.2.2

php bin/magento cache:clean
php bin/magento module:enable Owebia_AdvancedSettingCore Owebia_AdvancedShipping Owebia_License Owebia_AdvShipFunctionsAddon
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

# Execute setup:di:compile only if the store is in production mode
php bin/magento setup:di:compile

Are the module updates free?

Yes, you can download the latest version of the module you purchased from your customer account on Owebia Store or by using the command composer update.

How do paid module licenses work?

Since June 2019, our paid modules automatically get a license key to unlock functionalities of the module. It does not require any action on your part.

We are migrating all our paid modules to a more flexible licensing system that gives you more autonomy.

Our modules for Magento 1 still use the old license system producing a license key like this:


How to convert my license key to the new licensing system?

Just install the latest version of the module you purchased. The license key will be automatically converted.

Can I use a module I bought on a development / test / pre-production instance?

Yes, you can use the modules you buy on as many development / test / pre-production instances as you think necessary.

If your license key is in the old format, please contact us.

Can I use a module I bought on multiple production instances?

To use a paid module on multiple instances of Magento in production, you must purchase one license per production instance.

Any attempted fraud will result in the deactivation of all client licenses.

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